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HP Agilent 1100 HPLC

  • Isocratic for routine quality control analysis
  • High-pressure binary gradient for lowest dispersion and highest precision at low flow rates
  • Low-pressure quaternary gradient for highest accuracy / reproducibility
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Complete Product Description

The Hewlett Packard HP / Agilent 1100 HPLC series is the current model and arguably the best design in the industry because of the optimized design of the quaternary pump ensuring virtually pulse-free and stable solvent flow, with dual floating pistons in series, precisely servo-controlled. This design with variable stroke volume allows pulse-free solvent delivery and efficient mixing. An inlet-valve electronically activated and synchronized to piston stroke - eliminates vapor formation with volatile solvents and is maintenance free. With high-speed proportioning valve and pre-configured vacuum degasser, for convenient low-pressure mixing of up to four solvents and highest flexibility in solvent choices.

Hewlett Packard HP / Agilent 1100 HPLC Pump Features :

Ease-of-use - handheld control module lets you enter operating parameters fast, store methods easily and display pressure profile, diagnostics and task-oriented information.

Durable - stainless steel, titanium, gold, ruby, sapphire, ceramics, PEEK and PTFE ensure long lifetime. Seal wash option for high salt mobile phases keeps maintenance to a minimum for lower operation costs.

Wide flow range - up to 10 ml/min for broad HPLC work, including semi-preparative separations.

Better for GLP - built-in leak and pressure test with graphical presentation of pressure profiles, and early maintenance feedback.

Hewlett Packard HP / Agilent 1100 HPLC Detectors - VWD or PDA (diode array)

You can add spectral acquisition to your HPLC analyses with the Agilent 1100 Series diode array detector. Verify separation quality with peak purity, multiple signals and spectral libraries - interactively or automatically in the same run as your analytical quantification. Extended wavelength range from 190 to 950 nm with highest sensitivity or spectral resolution with programmable slit. And holmium oxide wavelength verification for GLP compliance. The temperature management system ensures optimum baseline stability-even under rough ambient conditions.

Two lamps in the HP 1100 Series diode-array detector ensure the highest light output from 190 to 950 nm, for the lowest detection limits over the entire wavelength range. The use of 1,024 diodes and an optical slit programmable from 1 to 16 nm ensures the best possible spectral bandwidth.

Both the VWD and diode array detectors use a holmium oxide filter for automated wavelength verification and for tracking the detector's performance characteristics. They also employ a new design that allows front access for the exchange of flow cells and pre-aligned lamps.


Access the spectral domain with superior 3D optics-simultaneous illumination using combined deuterium and tungsten lamps for highest intensity and lowest detection limit from 190 to 950 nm, 1024 diodes and 1-nm slit for highest spectral resolution.

Programmable slit helps you explore the spectral landscape for faster sample characterization-focus on fine bands with narrow setting, or if higher sensitivity is required open up the programmable slit for more light throughput. A broad slit ensures lowest baseline noise and highest chromatographic signal-to-noise. Store and report slit settings, from 1 - 16 nm, together with your raw data for GLP traceability.

Spectral storage and flexible viewing -easily overlaid spectra within a run or between runs.

Verify wavelength accuracy for GLP compliance-automatic holmium oxide filter (which can be set at the beginning of your chromatography) verifies that your wavelength is indeed what the setpoint says it is.

Agilent 1100 HPLC Hewlett Packard HP 1100 HPLC

The 1100 is based on the successful modular design of the HP 1050 systems, the new HP 1100 Series fits in a single stack, on minimal bench space. All maintenance parts are accessible from the front.

All pumps come with purge valve, connecting tubing, solvent cabinet, and solvent bottles for convenient startup.

Hewlett Packard / Agilent 1100 HPLC typical configuration:

HP 1100 HPLC System including, G1311A Quaternary Pump, G1315A Diode Array Detector or variable wavelength detector, G1313A Autosampler, G1322A Vacuum Degasser, Solvent Module, HP Chemstation & Computer control, HPIB Cables and Manuals. Unit comes re-certifiec with a warranty!

G1322A Degasser
G1311A Quaternary Pump
G1329A ALS Autosampler
G1330A ALS Therm.
G1316A Column Comp.
G1315B DAD Detector (or VWD detector)
G1321A Fluorescent Detector -optional
Chemstation Software
Completet Computer data system

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